On perception

“Thinking about this this morning; when focused on any particular goal, it’s imperative that, psychologically, we give it equal prominence with any PERCEIVED obstacles. Otherwise, it’s as if we see the apple on the tree, but first build a barrier around the tree, that we must then deconstruct to reach our desire. Our desire must be equally as probable as any objections we hold surrounding it.”

The Seth Material
Chapter 13


On perception and the senses

“The eye projects and focuses the inner image (idea) onto the physical world in the same manner that a motion picture camera transfers an image onto a screen. The mouth creates words. The ears create sound. The difficulty in understanding this principle is due to the fact that we’ve taken it for granted that the image and sound already exist for the senses to interpret. Actually the senses are the channels of creation by which idea is projected into material expression.”

“The basic idea is that the senses are developed, not to permit awareness of an already existing material world, but to create it…”

The Seth Material
Chapter 1