On stress and the present moment

“What the body cannot stand today is the stress thrown upon it by the imagined stress or problems that it might be asked to face tomorrow, or next week, or 20 years from now. Then, you are not allowing it to act in the present. You are seeking from future probabilities unpleasant – or perhaps the most unpleasant – circumstances, and actually demanding that the body handle the stimuli now.

Again, significances are important. If one unpleasant event today automatically causes you to think of 20 more that might happen in the future and you dwell upon those, then you hopelessly confuse your body. It finds in the present no justification in fact for such interpretations, while your thoughts act as if those situations were presently before you, to be confronted. Stress results when the body does not know how to react, and therefore cannot react smoothly.”

The Personal Sessions
Book 5
Session 850 (Deleted Portion)