On life

“Life is a gift (and not a curse). I am a unique, worthy creature in the natural world, which everywhere surrounds me, gives me sustenance, and reminds me of the greater source from which I myself and the world both emerge. My body is delightfully suited to its environment, and comes to me, again, from the unknown source which shows itself through all of the events of the physical world.’

That feeling gives the organism the optimism, the joy, and the ever abundant energy to grow. It encourages curiosity and creativity, and places the individual in a spiritual world and a natural one at once.”

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
Session 814

On objects, symbols and dreams

“One is that because objects just originate in man’s imagination anyway, there’s always a strong connection between objects and man’s dreams. They act as symbols of inner reality, so it’s only natural that whether he’s aware of it or not, man perceives objects in such a fashion that they also stand for symbols that first originate in his dreams.”

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
Session 844
April 1,1979

On dying and death

“People die when they are ready to die, for reasons that are their own. No person dies without a reason. You are not taught that, however, so people do not recognize their own reasons for dying, and they are not taught to recognize their own reasons for living — because you are told that life itself is an accident in a cosmic game of chance.”

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
Session 835,
February 7,1979

On love / loving yourself

“”Love your neighbor as yourself.” Turn this around and say, “Love yourself as you love your neighbor,” for often you will recognize the goodness in another and ignore it in yourself. Some people believe there is a great merit and holy virtue in what they think of as humility. Therefore to be proud of oneself seems a sin, and in that frame of reference true affirmation of the self is impossible. Genuine self pride is the loving recognition of your own integrity and value. True humility is based upon this affectionate regard for yourself, plus the recognition that you live in a universe in which all other beings also possess this undeniable individuality and self worth.

False humility tells you that you are nothing. It often hides a distorted, puffed up, denied self pride, because no man or woman can really accept a theory that denies personal self worth.”

The Nature of Personal Reality
Session 673

On the psyche and physical reality

“Nothing exists outside the psyche, however, that does not exist within it, and there is no unknown world that does not have its psychological or psychic counterpart. Man learned to fly as he tried to exteriorize inner experience, for in out of body states in dreams he had long been familiar with flight. All excursions into outer reality come as the psyche attempts to reproduce in any given “exterior” world the inner freedom of its being.”

The Unknown Reality
Volume 2
Session 713

On perception

“Thinking about this this morning; when focused on any particular goal, it’s imperative that, psychologically, we give it equal prominence with any PERCEIVED obstacles. Otherwise, it’s as if we see the apple on the tree, but first build a barrier around the tree, that we must then deconstruct to reach our desire. Our desire must be equally as probable as any objections we hold surrounding it.”

The Seth Material
Chapter 13