On being yourself

“I feel sorry for anyone who feels that they must take such a huge responsibility upon their poor shoulders. Your responsibility, in your terms, lies in recognizing the joy of your being, and expressing its many aspects. When you express your being, you automatically fulfill your responsibilities. When you think of responsibilities in those terms, however, you think of taking something alien upon yourself and holding it up and bearing the weight. And then you think of being serious and long-faced and dignified and adult and saintly and of making sure that you fulfill yourself. But when you let yourself go, you automatically fulfill yourself.

If you will forgive the same analogy, for I use it often, can you imagine a flower in the garden in the morning saying, “I must fulfill my responsibilities; therefore, my leaves must go out so-so [gesturing], and my head must be up and pert, and I must smile at the sun.”

And so all the time while our poor deluded flower is trying to bear the weight of its responsibility, its head grows heavy, and its mouth drops lower, because it must be so certain that it does the right thing.

But when our flower forgets, and remembers that it is a flower, then it is. And in its being, it fulfills its flowerhood and, therefore, in those terms, its responsibilities.

And another favorite analogy of mine, the smallest cell in your little toe fulfills its responsibility, and is an excellent cell in your toe-without being serious about it, and without wondering what its responsibilities are to, say, your finger or your ear. It rejoices in its own being.

Your inner self is not trying to remind you of seriousness. It smiles, as you are smiling now, and if you must compare it to anything, then after our friend’s visit, imagine it as a seagull quite happy with its flying, and, in your terms, if it is serious about its flying, it is only because flying is such a part of its being, and not superimposed by an ego that says, “I must fulfill my responsibilities.”

Now, if I were a seagull, even a wise old seagull, I would fly around your head until you were dizzy, and until you laughed like a child playing Ring Around the Rosy. That is what I want to say to you [Rick] and to you [a student].

Trust yourselves, and do not treat yourselves with a heavy hand; and do not over-criticize yourself, or step apart from yourself so you can examine yourself better. You are the self who examines and the self who is examined, and they are together and not apart, and let them be friendly with one another.”

The Seth Audio Collection – The Joy and Vitality Of Your Spontaneous Self

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